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Brevisano – a free to play ‘twink’

Brevisano is a level 20 Gnome priest that I made to run battlegrounds with. While leveling, I didn’t really realize it, but, I had never died even though I had run multiple instances. I thought I was going to die during one RFC when the tank and two DPS dropped out during rolling restarts, but, […]

Luxxi – a 20 Trial account

I created a number of trial account characters to see just what could be done with a level 20 toon. Luxxi, a Holy Paladin, ended up being the one I played the most. I suspected I would have run with my Shaman, but, somehow the Paladin won. After fishing for Old Ironjaw and coming up […]

Trial Account Twinking – Free for Life

What you’re about to read is probably one of the most difficult twinks to make in World of Warcraft. Recently, World of Warcraft instituted a new rule that allows you to create a trial account which limits the account to level 20. There are numerous other restrictions, can’t create parties, can’t join parties with people […]

Farming Blind Hunter in Razorfen Kraul

Blind Hunter drops two nice pieces of gear for twinking, and a bow. If you were running instances and not twinking and ran across Blind Hunter, the bow would be great for leveling, but, as a twink, there’s better gear you can get for this bracket. Blind Hunter drops:

Rampage to Cyclone

The 29 bracket in Rampage leaves a little to be desired. Sure there are some great twinks, but, Rampage appears to be more 80s Arena oriented. After surfing the forums on, Cyclone gave some promise as a battlegroup that appreciated 29 twinks. After a lot of thought, we figured we would roll two new […]

A fan of Bhodi

Bhodi is my 29 Shaman Twink. While I loved playing IBJammin, Bhodi brings a lot more challenge to the game with the recent hunter changes. I’ve changed my playstyle from being a stealthy backstabber to providing quite a bit of support for the team. I am not responsible for our wins as it takes a […]

Flagcarrier returns flag by walking backwards

Once in a while during a PUG, I run across some other twinks. Flagcarrier is an Undead Discipline Priest from Stormreaver that loves to play around. I’ve played a number of Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin games to recognize a few people. While we do still win, once in a while we like to have […]

Shaman Twink

While I spent quite a bit of time building my Shaman Twink and came very close to the dreaded ding to 30, I did find a few mistakes made along the way. There are some rather rare boss drops that would have been nice to have based on things I learned about playing a Shaman […]

Qwaitxfive’s Backstab was dodged by Zargan

The Offical tooltip: Players cannot dodge, parry, or block attacks that come from behind them. Riddle me this: Zargan’s Armory

Twink Item Drop Rates

What does it take to farm

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