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Beastmaster Hunter + Shadow Priest Overpowered

While questing in Thousand Needles, we had to go to the Roguefeather Den.  On our way, we ran into a gnome hunter that was questionable.  He hunter’s marked HerbSkinner and fired a quick shot and followed up by a multishot.  In the end, he died, and called two of his 70 guildmates to kill us […]

A long, but extremely fun Warsong Gulch

Usually when I play on IBJammin, its a relatively good game if we get a few good flag battles in the flag room (I usually play D).  On this particular game, we were tied at two all, and neither side wanted to relent, so, we sent wave after wave of people while fending off the […]

812 Ambush on a Stealth Kitty while Playing D at Blacksmith

812 ambush on a stealth kitty Playing D at Blacksmith in Arathi Basin, and I hit an 812 Ambush on a stealth kitty.  [item]Catseye Ultra Goggles[/item] for the win.