Brevisano Statistics

While looking through the Blizzard Statistics page for Brevisano, I noticed a few odd things. Max Heal Received and Max Heal Cast – even with 202 spellpower, he’s a monster: And my Warsong wins – 14 played, 12 wins.

Brevisano the Noble

One of the few Holiday Events that a 20 Trial account can complete, and, it comes with a Title. Cho’gall is not a realm that is friendly for the Alliance, so, this one was particularly difficult. In addition, the Alliance population is quite small, so, finding the Alliance level 18+ accounts was almost as difficult […]

A Level 20 Trial Account Priest Healer

Brevisano is my Gnome Priest that mostly heals dungeons, but, sometimes ventures into battlegrounds. The queues take quite a bit more time to pop for Warsong Gulch, so, it is a lot of waiting around. Dungeon Queues pop in under four minutes most of the time, so, when you want to actually play, it is […]

While doing some of the Halloween events, love the humor

While doing some of the Hallows Eve events, I noticed a few interesting dialogs from the NPCs. While in Blades Edge, the Bladewing Bloodletters just wouldn’t let me go. When you’re level 20, you sure have a large aggro radius. These chased me all the way from just south of the Thunderlord Stronghold to Sylvannar.

One that didn’t get away

While leveling fishing on Brevisano I caught the 29 pound Salmon and earned the achievement. Luxxi also has the achivement.

Elemental de Agua

While running a Wailing Caverns run, a mage in the party had an elemental and even though the language on my World of Warcraft is English, his Elemental was named in Spanish.

Two Blues in one group of mobs

While running through the caverns outside Deadmines, I killed a few mobs, and, two blue items dropped.

Mr Pinchy

While leveling Fishing and Cooking on Brevisano, I caught Mr. Pinchy after a few dozen casts.

Stood in the Fire

While fishing some Deviate Fish on Brevisano around the entrance to Wailing Caverns, I got hit with something and died instantly. Since it is a PvP realm, I always suspect some higher level horde character killing me for being in their territory. This time, that wasn’t the case:

Someone likes me

Brevisano, a 20 free to play character was running an instance with a few other players and evidently I did a good job healing. Thanks Shabutie and Cannoli

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