Arathi Basin Assassin

This Sunday, Horde was playing particularly badly, not defending flags, going everywhere just to rack up the kills so in the next Arathi Basin, we set out to cap nodes and farm Arathi Basin Assassin. It started out with us heading straight to LM where we met some resistance, capped (and lost) the flag as […]

Totems, totems, totems

While returning a flag in Warsong Gulch, another Shaman was with me dropping totems. The rogue that tried to get to me was quite surprised when both searing totems hit him as he tried to sap me. I threw in an extra flame shock for good measure and he hit sprint and died on our […]

Qwaitxfive’s Backstab was dodged by Zargan

The Offical tooltip: Players cannot dodge, parry, or block attacks that come from behind them. Riddle me this: Zargan’s Armory

Raptor Stun Glitch

While working on Qwaitxfive’s skinning, he was charged by a Raptor which stunned him. The animation on my machine left him in the stunned position as he slid along the ground. Until he went out of range and came back, his animation was stuck for a number of kills which was quite funny. This was […]