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Femo Ninjas Not Once but Twice

So I was on my hunter and was looking for a group for any heroic, so I get an invite from Femo from the guild wipe, he was in a group for Heroic Violet Hold. So we started it up things are going good a blue drops. So everyone greeds it but, then Femo needs. […]

200 Daily Quests Complete

While doing the dailies in Zul’Drak for Argent Crusade Rep, cdthirtyfive hit the 200th Daily Quest and received the achievement.

200 Daily Quests Complete

cdthirtyfive, while doing the dailies to get Argent Crusade reputation hit the 200 daily quest mark. The only dailies I do are the 5 Argent Crusade ones in Zul’drak, and occasionally I will do the one in Icecrown. In addition, I was trying to get the Chef title so, I do the Cooking daily in […]

It’s Dark in Orgrimmar

I logged into one of my alts today and someone turned out the lights in Orgrimmar. I’m reasonably sure it was just a graphics card glitch as I was able to move around, interact with NPCs and the mailbox, but, I couldn’t see anything. /console reloadui didn’t fix the problem, but, logging out and back […]

Primitive Owlbeast Glitch

While Herbskinner was helping Qwaitxfour quest in the Hinterlands, we came across a Primitive Owlbeast in the water. Unlike most glitched mobs that evade when you shoot them, this one actually had the swimming animation, but, did evade when we tried to shoot it and even got into melee range. Owlbeasts can swim…. who knew?


Herbskinner escorted Qwaitxfour on a number of quests that took him into ZF. It was a pretty quick run, all five quests were completed and we killed the final boss for the achievement.