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Medium Rare

Mortenoctum was helping a twink level herbalism in Zangarmarsh when I ran across a strange looking fen strider. Upon killing it, I realized it was a rare and received the ‘Medium Rare’ Achievement.

Wisp holding the flag

During the Hallow’s End event, I was holding the flag and one of my teammates transformed me into a wisp. Of course, while transformed, I couldn’t switch to ghost wolf when our team returned our flag which led to a little stress as someone had grabbed the flag when I was moving back to return […]

Yesterday, Torturing Poker and Deadman’s Hand Dropped

We were running a new guildie through to twink out his rogue and decided to farm Arcanist Doan for [item]34227[/item] which dropped on the first run. Having farmed 6 of these over the course of many trips, it was a bit of a shock, so, we decided to farm for [item]7682[/item] since we had time […]