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Qwickthree – level 30 to 40 on Spirestone

Battlegrounds and Questing at the same time uses up a lot of soul shards as I use the voidwalker while question, and the felhound while running battlegrounds. If the battleground queues are rather quick, I’ll leave the felhound out while questing and kill two or three mobs. From 30 to 40 was very fast. Battlegrounds […]

Bendovr from Dragonmaw exploiting the Stable Roof

Bendovr, a Night Elf Druid from Dragonmaw got on top of the roof at stables. It takes a little creative work to kill players that get up there, but, they usually do quite a bit of damage before they are killed.

Relicc from Eldre’Thalas exploiting Stable

Relicc, a gnome mage from Eldre’Thalas got on top of the roof at stables to try and kill people. Luckily, a few drain manas and a well timed dot while he tried to evocate and he died pretty quickly. It appears that they can be mounted and hit the little shed on the graveyard side […]

Qwick – Level 11 to 20

Qwick is an Undead Priest on Stonespire.

Qwickthree – Level 9 to 29

Qwickthree is an Orc Warlock on Stonespire.

Qwicktwo’s run to 26 on Stonespire

Qwicktwo is an Orc Shaman created on Stonespire.

Darthviolent exploits the Stable Roof

Darthviolent from Shadowsong exploited the roof of the Stables in Arathi Basin. Perhaps he forgot he was a warrior and not a caster as we all just dotted him and killed him with ease. Remember, if you’re going to exploit, at least be of a class that can do something from up there.

Interesting Battleground Glitch with Warlock and Pet

While questing in STV, I decided to try a few battlegrounds, so, I hit H, queued up for Warsong and Arathi and was about to turn in a quest when Arathi popped. I was mounted, accepted the port to the battleground, played Arathi, and when I left the battleground, I returned to STV mounted, but, […]

Leet Mana

While questing, I noticed that Quickthree had 1337 mana. He’s leet.

Omgimahealer on Spirestone Wins at PVP!

Omgimahealer, a 71 Human Priest decided to take on a 25 Warlock in quest gear and he Won! While he was specced shadow at the time, I’m guessing that Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord proved too difficult for him at which point he decided to try leveling in Ashenvale or Felwood. He’s a dodge priest […]