Professional Grand Master

Bhodi with a lot of help from Qwaitxnine, finally hit 350 mining in Un’goro Crater and was able to get Professional Grand Master Mining, allowing his mining to go all the way to 450. Due to a number of issues, I could not afford much experience at all on Bhodi, so, I was limited to […]

Jboogiee and Brodas ganking in ‘The Charred Vale’

When I created Bhodi, I realized that in order to get the gear I needed, I wouldn’t have a lot of playtime to learn how to effectively play a Shaman. Knowing which totems to use when, what keybindings would be helpful, etc was something I needed to know before I had all of the gear […]

Bleeko, a level 30 Druid in Arathi Basin in the 20-29 bracket

While its not impossible for a 30 to be in a battleground, this druid had the time to get travelform, but, I don’t believe he was a twink as he only had 1300 hit points and died rather quickly. Still, the coordination required and the fact he did have his mount, training, and had hit […]

Professional Master

Bhodi, my 29 Shaman twink on Cho’gall was very close on experience to dinging 30, but, through a bit of creative thinking, I was able to get to Northrend and purchase Professional Master Mining which allowed me to increase my mining level to 375.

10000 Honorable Kills

10000 kills while I was healing. Our flag dropped down from the enemy gy and while I was healing, the achievement popped up. Unlike the 10000th kill on IbJammin, I didn’t get the name of the player that was credited as my 10000th kill. There were a few notable players in that wsg, but, they […]

Stacks in lots of 2147483647

ItemPriceTooltip gives a little info when you mouseover an item. One of the useful statistics is the number of items that fit in a stack. After the mail was lost prior to the WotLK release, Battle Tokens were remailed to you. Unfortunately, those marks didn’t delete themselves after a few days and have sat in […]

A fan of Bhodi

Bhodi is my 29 Shaman Twink. While I loved playing IBJammin, Bhodi brings a lot more challenge to the game with the recent hunter changes. I’ve changed my playstyle from being a stealthy backstabber to providing quite a bit of support for the team. I am not responsible for our wins as it takes a […]

Shammy Totem Pow-wow

While defending blacksmith in an Arathi Basin, we had 3 Shammies on D for a few minutes. Quite a few totems…

41k Healing in a Warsong Gulch

Bhodi hits 41k healing in a Warsong, but, I am not specced Resto. 🙂 I came into the game late and Horde was being hammered quite bad. Always love zoning into a flag room with 6 attackers. I stepped in, healed as much as I could, started to DPS and we repelled that attack, but, […]

Identical Healing in a Warsong Battleground

Vow and Bhodi both had identical healing in this battleground which I thought was worthy of a screenshot. I’m not specced as a healer, but, will heal when needed.

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