1000 Honorable Kills

So I was healing my main man Bhodi and playing some D on bs. I noticed that I got an achievement for a 1000 Honorable Kills, and hit that old Print Scrn. After the game I looked at the screenshot and noticed that my 1000th kill didn’t even hit the ground before my screenshot was […]

Arathi Basin Assassin

This Sunday, Horde was playing particularly badly, not defending flags, going everywhere just to rack up the kills so in the next Arathi Basin, we set out to cap nodes and farm Arathi Basin Assassin. It started out with us heading straight to LM where we met some resistance, capped (and lost) the flag as […]

Resilient Victory

We started 5 players down at the beginning of the match, and, with a number of turnovers we actually did stage a comeback. Usually in our battlegroup its a challenge to get enough teamwork to pull off a win, but, with this game we had enough turnovers and with a bit of luck, actually earned […]

Warsong Gulch Veteran and Arathi Basin Veteran

Bhodi has earned two more achievements. The achievements and 65s will get you 5x[item]33042[/item]

Flag Defense glitch

In one AB, we lost Blacksmith, and according to Capping I had 11 seconds when I started to take the flag. At the end, it said I defended Blacksmith, but, it also said that the Alliance took Blacksmith. Based on the chatlog, I am sure this is more of a latency glitch than a programming […]

We had it all along

Since I run PUGs and sometimes will run with a guildmate when we do battlegrounds, some of the achievements are quite difficult to obtain as they require communication and teamwork. I always figured I would get this achievement accidentally since you can’t tell a PUG to not cap a flag for 5 seconds. This game […]

Wisp holding the flag

During the Hallow’s End event, I was holding the flag and one of my teammates transformed me into a wisp. Of course, while transformed, I couldn’t switch to ghost wolf when our team returned our flag which led to a little stress as someone had grabbed the flag when I was moving back to return […]

Fell through the tunnel in Warsong Gulch

While chasing the EFC (enemy flag carrier) up the tunnel, I dropped a tremor totem as I had a warlock on me and I saw the cast bar for fear start. I was Feared into the wall and fell through, instantly dying even though I still had over 2800hp. I have used the Netomatic, as […]

Zombie event porta-pews in Shatt

Near the end of the zombie scourge invasion, the complaints in trade were so bad that I left trade chat. Our battlemasters in Orgrimmar were dead, the ones in Thunderbluff were dead, I figured, let me check Undercity, and, short of a few invasions and a very handy Argent healer right there, I was able […]

Flagcarrier returns flag by walking backwards

Once in a while during a PUG, I run across some other twinks. Flagcarrier is an Undead Discipline Priest from Stormreaver that loves to play around. I’ve played a number of Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin games to recognize a few people. While we do still win, once in a while we like to have […]

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