Odd Icethorn Location in Storm Peaks

While collecting Herbs in Storm Peaks, life found a way.

Deadliest Catch

Not to let Old Ironjaw slow down Herbskinner, Qwaitxseven and Herbskinner decided to try out ZG again after being a bit more geared than the last time Qwaitxnine (a death knight) and Herbskinner tried farming ZG rep. While we were a little surprised that once the lure was baited, the boss was immediately summoned, after […]

Make Love Not Warcraft

Both Herbskinner and cdthirtyfive earned this achievement within a day of each other and both by accident. Herbskinner and Qwaitxnine were in Borean Tundra responding to a Rogue/Pally that were ganking in the Coldrock Quarry. Dkhealer didn’t appear to be questing at the time and appeared to mostly be a pocket healer for Istabu. After […]

Magic Eater – Wild Magic

Herbskinner and Qwaitxnine decided to run Stratholme and since I had fished some Magic Eater’s out of Dalaran, we decided to try them. Qwaitxnine was turned into a Whelp for 45 seconds while Herbskinner received a Stamina and Spirit Buff for an hour.

Slave Pens

Herbskinner and Qwaitxnine decided to two-man a few instances one day and received this achievement. The way we were able to tell the bosses from the trash mobs was when we looted, if it asked whether we wanted to pick up loot that would bind to us. The bosses in these instances really aren’t tough […]

Destruction Derby

Qwaitxnine and Herbskinner were in Wintergrasp when we received another achievement.


Qwaitxnine and Herbskinner cleared Scholomance to farm for some enchanting mats for a twink.  We did this after clearing Stratholme, realizing we were in the wrong instance.


Qwaitxnine and Herbskinner were farming enchanting mats one evening and decided to clear the rest of Stratholme after discovering we were in the wrong instance.

To Hellfire and Back

While running Qwaitxnine, Qwait’s new deathknight through a few quests to level him up, I found a few quests in Hellfire Peninsula that I hadn’t completed. While he was doing his quests, Herbskinner finished a few and received the achievement.

Blood Furnace

Qwaitxnine and Herbskinner decided to two-man a few instances in Hellfire Peninsula and received this achievement.

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