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World of Warcraft using IPv6

Logged into World of Warcraft the other day and noticed that the status screen showed it was using IPv6

Raw Longjaw Snapper, only 4000g, buy it now!

While helping another Alliance toon on Cho’gall move some cash over from his horde toon, he asked me to list something on the Neutral Auction House for 4000g. It sold!

Blizzard Download – 4.1MB/sec

While I was at the data center, I decided to upgrade World of Warcraft and downloaded at 4.1MB/sec (or roughly 32 megabits per second)

World of Warcraft Scam Site

While questing in Winterspring, I received a private message from ‘blizzard’ telling me I was a lucky player and would get a ‘surprise gift of the mysterious’ Geesh, does anyone believe this stuff? After watching the trade channel, I guess they do. Stories of people who’s accounts were hacked are all over the trade channel […]

Blizzard strikes back against the mammoths

On Cho’gall, there are a number of people with enough time to get the free mammoth that love to sit and obstruct the mailboxes. Granted you can zoom in and still use the mailbox, it is a bit of an inconvenience at times. One night Lunchie, Aeiou and Shrizer were sitting on the mailbox and […]

Extremely Bad Pull in Borean Tundra

While farming Rhino Meat for cdthirtyfive to level cooking by making feasts, I pulled a string of Rhinos when Lunchbox and Ned dropped in for a visit. Right after this screenshot was taken, Lunchbox and Ned spawned on top of me again, but, my guildmate Qwaitxnine (a death knight) was there to assist.

Great Feast

While Qwaitxseven and Cdthirtyfive were questing in the Borean Tundra, we were low on mana, our buff food was about to expire, so, Cdthirtyfive prepared a [item]34753[/item]. I have to be careful using this with my hunter as Boar may become aggressive.

Carrot on a Stick

On the sea-turtle boat from Una’pe to Dragonblight I noticed a carrot on a stick in front of the sea turtle. I am guessing the 3% mount speed increase must speed the turtle up to the normal taxi transport speed. Blizzard does have a great sense of humor.

Cho’gall is Full… oh no

With the Wrath of the Lich King Release, it didn’t take long for the server queue to pile up. Orgrimmar and Shattrath are ghost towns with everyone exploring Northrend. Even Northrend wasn’t as packed as the server counts would signify, but, getting to quest mobs was difficult with dozens of people camping the same mobs […]

Everyone looking at the new gear

What was the first thing people did when the realms came up? Checked their email to find out why their email was gone, QQed on trade for a few minutes the headed over to the honor vendor to see the new gear. Most people in the room were complaining that they couldn’t talk to the […]

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