About us

Id Tank That was a guild created mainly to remove the constant guild invite/guild signature spammers. On Cho’gall, questing in the Barrens where quests range from 10-30, every time you are near a bank or mailbox, you would have 3-4 people slamming a petition in your face to join their guild.

After a bit of time, it became a guild of alts for our mains, and our alts slowly became twinks. Sometimes when we see the guild spam in general, we’ll spam our own guild ‘recruitment’ macro.

<Id Tank That> is NOT recruiting, do not PST. We have Vent, Teamspeak, a website, a guild bank to steal from our alts and a tabard. We have RFC on Farm, and are WC 6/8.

Its usually good for a few laughs.

We’re Horde, we’re on Cho’gall, in the Rampage battlegroup.   If you’re red, you’re dead.  Our guild consists of two main accounts, two farmer accounts, and a bazillion twink/alts.

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