Artisan Fisherman

Mortenoctum finished the quest in Dustwallow Marsh and is now able to go beyond 225 fishing.

Explore Swamp of Sorrows

During the Fishing Quest, Nat Pagle sends you all around Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms to get 4 fish. While I was there, I did gather some herbs to raise my skill, so, it wasn’t a total loss.

Explore Dustwallow Marsh

Mortenoctum was doing the Nat Pagle fishing quest to get fishing beyond 225 and discovered the last area in Dustwallow Marsh. Path of Frost is such a blessing for times like this.

250 Fish, 500 Fish

Mortenoctum was powerleveled so that we could catch plenty of Oily Blackmouth to make [item]5634[/item] and easily received two more achievements.

Fish Don’t Leave Footprints

Mortenoctum received this achievement while fishing a pool of Wreckage in Ferelas and finding the [item]34109[/item]. Having raised fishing on a number of toons, I knew that this area had the greatest chance to drop the item in a chest. In fact, I received two more in 11 crates. Normally I will offer the journals […]

The Old Gnome and the Sea

Mortenoctum received this achievement after fishing a pool in Ferelas. It could have been obtained in any of the starting areas, but, while leveling fishing, I was more concerned with leveling fishing quickly than searching specific pools.

25 Fish, 50 Fish, 100 Fish

Since we were in a rush to create Mortenoctum and get him transferred with a ton of items for twink support, I didn’t level cooking, fishing or any trade skills. Since we needed someone that could fish for [item]6358[/item] I ended up sitting in Orgrimmar to level fishing and received these achievements fairly quickly.

Journeyman Fisherman

Mortenoctum receives fishing training allowing a maximum skill level of 150.

Blackfathom Deeps

Mortenoctum was running YouAreBad through Blackfathom Deeps for some quests and drops when receiving this achievement.

Medium Rare

Mortenoctum was helping a twink level herbalism in Zangarmarsh when I ran across a strange looking fen strider. Upon killing it, I realized it was a rare and received the ‘Medium Rare’ Achievement.

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