One that didn’t get away

While leveling fishing on Brevisano I caught the 29 pound Salmon and earned the achievement. Luxxi also has the achivement.

Luxxi gets the bone fishing pole

Luxxi received the Bone Fishing Pole during one of the Fishing Dailies.

Luxxi gets paid a complement

While I started playing a Paladin for the first time, I did become a battleground healer (as almost all of my toons have been). In one instance someone actually paid me quite a complement.

Funny Moments while questing

The questline for John J. Keeshan has some hilarious scripts. If you’ve seen the Rambo movies, the entire questline talks about John J. Keeshan and Colonel Troteman and a number of other references. It is worth rolling an Alliance character to experience the questline starting with the Gnomecorder and reading the quest text and the […]

Some Free To Play healing screenshots

When the World of Warcraft Free to Play accounts came out, I thought, I wonder if you can effectively twink a character at 20 to compete in the 20-24 bracket. Since you’re at the bottom of the bracket, you need to stack some hit if you’re going to be DPS, but, I’ve always enjoyed being […]

Warsong Gulch starting area glitch

When playing Warsong Gulch, I saw someone drink Rumsey Rum Dark and didn’t recognize the player name. It appears that when you’re in the flag room during the start, not only can you target the opposing faction, but, any drink buff they get is shown as if they are right next to you. Here we […]

Luxxi – a 20 Trial account

I created a number of trial account characters to see just what could be done with a level 20 toon. Luxxi, a Holy Paladin, ended up being the one I played the most. I suspected I would have run with my Shaman, but, somehow the Paladin won. After fishing for Old Ironjaw and coming up […]