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Horde Dominates HKs but lacks defense

We had this game from the start, but, Horde got lazy. Alliance fought as a group, defended the nodes they took (Horde never does this), and beat us by playing smart. They didn’t have to top the HK charts to win, they held three bases and sent small 3 person groups to attack the nodes […]

99 HKs on Defense

With the new Honorable Defender bonus, you get 50% more honor from your kills than you do when you are attacking. I’m not sure why Blizzard did this, but, as someone that usually defends, it is a welcome change. It doesn’t mean people will defend, and more than one time we’ve lost a base because […]

Warlocks topping the healing charts in Battlegrounds

It isn’t surprising to see some healing on non-healing classes in the battleground scoreboards. Life Drain shows up for warlocks, Mend Pet shows up as healing for hunters. However, many hunters hit Mend Pet only when their pet is about to die because healing their pet takes away from their DPS. Sure, PUG battlegrounds should […]

Bendovr from Dragonmaw exploiting the Stable Roof

Bendovr, a Night Elf Druid from Dragonmaw got on top of the roof at stables. It takes a little creative work to kill players that get up there, but, they usually do quite a bit of damage before they are killed.

Relicc from Eldre’Thalas exploiting Stable

Relicc, a gnome mage from Eldre’Thalas got on top of the roof at stables to try and kill people. Luckily, a few drain manas and a well timed dot while he tried to evocate and he died pretty quickly. It appears that they can be mounted and hit the little shed on the graveyard side […]

Darthviolent exploits the Stable Roof

Darthviolent from Shadowsong exploited the roof of the Stables in Arathi Basin. Perhaps he forgot he was a warrior and not a caster as we all just dotted him and killed him with ease. Remember, if you’re going to exploit, at least be of a class that can do something from up there.

Interesting Battleground Glitch with Warlock and Pet

While questing in STV, I decided to try a few battlegrounds, so, I hit H, queued up for Warsong and Arathi and was about to turn in a quest when Arathi popped. I was mounted, accepted the port to the battleground, played Arathi, and when I left the battleground, I returned to STV mounted, but, […]

Damage Control

cdthirtyfive got back into the battlegrounds and is running with a scrub mix of gear, but, I’m able to heal quite a bit before I get killed. In this one Arathi Basin it was a complete mess. Horde left a number of flags undefended which required recapping them, but, all in all with a few […]

100 Honorable Kills

Gotmooh was a 29 Tauren Shaman I created on Alterac Mountains to learn the playstyle of a Shaman before twinking Bhodi. While I didn’t play a lot of battlegrounds, and didn’t have the gear that many of the other people had, I did learn quite a bit about playing a shaman while being severely undergeared. […]

Bleeko, a level 30 Druid in Arathi Basin in the 20-29 bracket

While its not impossible for a 30 to be in a battleground, this druid had the time to get travelform, but, I don’t believe he was a twink as he only had 1300 hit points and died rather quickly. Still, the coordination required and the fact he did have his mount, training, and had hit […]

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