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Warlocks topping the healing charts in Battlegrounds
Written by cd34.

It isn’t surprising to see some healing on non-healing classes in the battleground scoreboards. Life Drain shows up for warlocks, Mend Pet shows up as healing for hunters. However, many hunters hit Mend Pet only when their pet is about to die because healing their pet takes away from their DPS. Sure, PUG battlegrounds should have healers once in a while, but, I’ve seen ret pallies that refuse to heal anyone around them, even themselves because they are there to DPS. Shadow Priests rarely pop out of shadowform even when it could save them.

Once in a while you’ll see some rogue that is relatively low leveled for the bracket and they’ll ask for a healbot — because by some miracle with a healer, they’ll be able to take out someone. If you call out for a healbot, and by some rare chance you get one, protect that healer — don’t charge into battle DPSing everything and allow the healer to get killed and then complain that you didn’t get any heals.

In any case, the screenshots of Qwickthree’s healing are a pretty sad testament to the healers in battlegrounds. They are virtually non-existent, but, very much appreciated when they are around.

Overall, it is just a statement that healers are pretty rare in battlegrounds – even on the twink battlegrounds.

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