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Goblin Barbecue

One of the things about being an engineer is that you really get some cool items, but, rarely are they beneficial to more than yourself. In this case, Blizzard added the Goblin Barbecue which is fairly inexpensive to make, and, provides a decent buff if you haven’t gotten any of the raid feasts through your […]

Transmute Master in Alchemy

One of my priests is a transmute master and on my first transmute, it procced 5 Kings Amber.

Captain Rumsey’s Lager

cdthirtyfive’s fishing skill was 1 while cooking was 450. In order to get the Chef title, you need to brew Captain Rumsey’s Lager which is a drop from the Fishing Dailies in Shattrath. The first daily was to fish something in Shadowmoon Valley which required roughly fishing 205 + the Aquadynamic Attractor and the Limited […]

Old Ironjaw

This isn’t required for the ‘Salty’ title, but, I figured, why not get it while I was in the alliance town. After getting ‘The Fishing Diplomat‘, the first trick was getting into Ironforge. I went to the western ramp out of the lake under the bridge and mounted up near the Alliance Shaman Trainer. From […]

Fishing Achievements for cdthirtyfive

In cdthirtyfive’s pursuit of the Chef title, there is a recipe for Captain Rumsey’s Lager that is given out in the fishing quest. I powerleveled fishing so that I could do the fishing dailies given out just outside Shattrath to get that recipe. Luckily, in my second turnin, I received the recipe. The following screenshots […]

The Fishing Diplomat

Herbskinner decided to do a little fishing. I flew into Grom’gol, ran straight through Stranglethorn Vale up to Stormwind. At that point, I debated which way to go. I stayed mounted, ran through the guards and dropped off the left hand side of the bridge and swam under to the right hand side and into […]

Kickin it up a Notch

cdthirtyfive on his way to earning his Chef title had to finish the Outlands Cooking quests. After 6 days, I finally got the 4th and final Cooking Daily and was awarded the Achievement.

The Northrend Gourmet

While doing Rokk’s Cooking Quest, I happened to cook a recipe on the flame while making Spiritual Soup which ended up being the 30th Northrend Recipe which allowed me to gain the achievement.

50 Dalaran Cooking Awards

Even though cdthirtyfive was the first of my toons to hit 450 cooking, I stopped doing the cooking daily right afterwards, and, herbskinner actually hit the 50 Cooking Awards achievement before cdthirtyfive did. I spent a lot more time on Herbskinner, so, I just happened to do the dailies more frequently while questing.

Second That Emotion

During the 3 day grind from 71-80, I looted the 4 emotion food recipes (along with two alchemy recipes that will come in handy). While finishing up some of the cooking achievements, I ended up with enough to make each of the 4 foods less one Essence of Undeath. A quick trip to the Auction […]

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