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Old Ironjaw
Written by cd34.

This isn’t required for the ‘Salty’ title, but, I figured, why not get it while I was in the alliance town. After getting ‘The Fishing Diplomat‘, the first trick was getting into Ironforge.

I went to the western ramp out of the lake under the bridge and mounted up near the Alliance Shaman Trainer. From there, I went up the earthen ramp, across the bridge, through the Trade Quarter, through Old Town, made a wrong turn almost into Stormwind Keep, turned back around and went into the Dwarven District and into the Deeprun Tram. I was not dismounted, ran through a number of non-pvp flagged alliance. The guards did attack a number of times, but, I kept running until I zoned into the Deeprun Tram.

Once I entered the Deeprun Tram, it was a few seconds before I was able to get on one and on my way to Ironforge I went. I didn’t really expect a lot of resistance once I got into Ironforge, but, I kept my armor on expecting that I would probably kill a guard or two if needed and would rather stay alive than take a durability hit. I brought two guards with me, and rather than run past the Forlorn Pool decided to kill them. I tried Feign Death which released one guard, leaving me with a level 75 guard to kill. He wasn’t much of an issue.

Throughout my fishing, I was greeted (or ignored) by a Fiti who fished a little in the pool while I was there. A gnome Death Knight, Rokubx rolled around me with Path of Frost up but, left me alone to continue fishing.

Several other Alliance waved, or walked by without noticing me. However, Malthias did kill me and started fishing there for a while. Rather than get killed, I logged out and came back after the Battle for Wintergrasp.

One time when I zoned in, two Horde were also fishing there. Jerrod, an orc hunter and a death knight friend of his were fishing. Jerrod got Old Ironjaw in roughly 145 casts he estimated. I was already at 800 casts when he left.

After a total of 894 casts, [item]34484[/item] was mine.

Not that I have that many achievements complete for the Salty Title, but, one of the hardest ones to obtain is now out of the way.

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