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Stacks in lots of 2147483647

ItemPriceTooltip gives a little info when you mouseover an item. One of the useful statistics is the number of items that fit in a stack. After the mail was lost prior to the WotLK release, Battle Tokens were remailed to you. Unfortunately, those marks didn’t delete themselves after a few days and have sat in […]

Northrend Angler

Borean Man O’ War – Dragonblight, Moa’ki Harbor. Alternates with the Imperial Manta Ray. Deep Sea Monsterbelly – The North Sea. From Una’Pe, head straight out the dock. You can swim it, but, a flying mount makes it much easier to land on the glaciers to catch the multiple pools out there. Dragonfin Angelfish – […]

D.E.H.T.A.’s Little P.I.T.A.

Qwaitxnine and Herbskinner finished up a few quests in Borean Tundra for this achievement. While we were a little overgeared for it, it was still a fun achievement to get.

Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary?

When Herbskinner was leveling to 80, there is a quest given in Dalaran near the Flight Master that takes you to Sholazar Basin. I had a rhino as a pet at the time and the animation of the flight with the rhino hanging down from the helicopter was a bit humorous to say the least.

Fo’ Grizzle my Shizzle

While Herbskinner and Qwaitxnine were questing in Grizzly Hills, we earned the achievement for finishing 75 quests in Grizzly Hills.

Making Rhino Proud

While doing a quest in Zul’drak, we were surprised to have to free a captive rhino who then took on a ton of mobs that were spread around the area. As Herbskinner had a rhino as a pet at the time, it did make me feel proud to liberate another rhino.

Glacial Salmon Pool above the water

While fishing Glacial Salmon on Herbskinner to help Qwaitxseven raise his cooking skill to 425, I came upon a pool that looked a little odd, and every attempt to cast into it resulted in ‘Water is too shallow’ or ‘Your cast didn’t end in fishable water’. Once I moved the camera angle around, I was […]

Explore Zul’drak

While questing in Zul’drak, you are led on a flight that actually is not considered a taxi, and as a result, you end up flying over multiple areas and actually discovering them.

Northrend Alchemy Research – Elixir of Mighty Defense

While cdthirtyfive was doing the Northrend Alchemy Research, the Elixir of Mighty Defense was discovered.

Explore Dragonblight

While farming some [item]43010[/item], I figured I would finish out exploring Dragonblight as I only had the upper Northeast corner left to explore.

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