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Some Free To Play healing screenshots

When the World of Warcraft Free to Play accounts came out, I thought, I wonder if you can effectively twink a character at 20 to compete in the 20-24 bracket. Since you’re at the bottom of the bracket, you need to stack some hit if you’re going to be DPS, but, I’ve always enjoyed being […]

Warsong Gulch starting area glitch

When playing Warsong Gulch, I saw someone drink Rumsey Rum Dark and didn’t recognize the player name. It appears that when you’re in the flag room during the start, not only can you target the opposing faction, but, any drink buff they get is shown as if they are right next to you. Here we […]

Warlocks topping the healing charts in Battlegrounds

It isn’t surprising to see some healing on non-healing classes in the battleground scoreboards. Life Drain shows up for warlocks, Mend Pet shows up as healing for hunters. However, many hunters hit Mend Pet only when their pet is about to die because healing their pet takes away from their DPS. Sure, PUG battlegrounds should […]

Interesting Battleground Glitch with Warlock and Pet

While questing in STV, I decided to try a few battlegrounds, so, I hit H, queued up for Warsong and Arathi and was about to turn in a quest when Arathi popped. I was mounted, accepted the port to the battleground, played Arathi, and when I left the battleground, I returned to STV mounted, but, […]

Warsong Gulch assured victory?

At the beginning of this Warsong Gulch, it was 5v2, two more people zoned in on Horde side and then Arathi Basin popped. At that point, I believe the two Alliance took the Arathi Basin queue, leaving us with a 7v0 game. While we could have at least scored a quick early point, somehow our […]

Warsong Gulch Victory – Warsong Gulch Perfection

After the quick run to 80, and a hodge-podge set of gear, healing is a bit of a challenge during the battlegrounds, but, I am able to stay alive reasonably well. During one WSG, we were able to return the flag 3 times before the Alliance. On our battlegroup Rampage, usually one side or the […]

10000 Honorable Kills

10000 kills while I was healing. Our flag dropped down from the enemy gy and while I was healing, the achievement popped up. Unlike the 10000th kill on IbJammin, I didn’t get the name of the player that was credited as my 10000th kill. There were a few notable players in that wsg, but, they […]

A fan of Bhodi

Bhodi is my 29 Shaman Twink. While I loved playing IBJammin, Bhodi brings a lot more challenge to the game with the recent hunter changes. I’ve changed my playstyle from being a stealthy backstabber to providing quite a bit of support for the team. I am not responsible for our wins as it takes a […]

41k Healing in a Warsong Gulch

Bhodi hits 41k healing in a Warsong, but, I am not specced Resto. 🙂 I came into the game late and Horde was being hammered quite bad. Always love zoning into a flag room with 6 attackers. I stepped in, healed as much as I could, started to DPS and we repelled that attack, but, […]

Identical Healing in a Warsong Battleground

Vow and Bhodi both had identical healing in this battleground which I thought was worthy of a screenshot. I’m not specced as a healer, but, will heal when needed.

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