Shammoi’s first Honorable Kill

While leveling Shammoi on ‘The Forgotten Coast’, I was killing a few mobs for a quest when a warrior charged in and tried to kill me. It didn’t end well for him. He did rez and try again when I had a few mobs on me, but, he died again. After that, he let me […]

Hopskip ganks and camps

It is always impressive when someone that is epic geared is able to kill someone that is 40-45 levels below. My guess is that they are PVE geared and can’t PVP, so, they take on targets that they know they can kill. I believe he was going for the Insane title, but, he actually had […]

Safe Deposit

Questing and running twinks through instances brings in a lot of green items and sometimes the occasional blue item. While I haven’t had much time lately to liquidate the items, I figured I would just buy the bank tabs and toss everything in the bank until I had a chance to sort through it. While […]

Explore Wetlands

Shammoi, a new twink I’m making on Boulderfist/Cyclone is doing quite a bit of discovery so that I can do some world PVP in the lower level contested areas.  While running around Arathi Basin, I figured I would discover all of Wetlands as well.

Explore Arathi Highlands

Shammoi on Boulderfist discovered most of the zones that might be fun to world PVP in, including Arathi Highlands. I believe Shammoi was 22, mining iron during this run when the last zone was discovered.