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A Level 20 Trial Account Priest Healer

Brevisano is my Gnome Priest that mostly heals dungeons, but, sometimes ventures into battlegrounds. The queues take quite a bit more time to pop for Warsong Gulch, so, it is a lot of waiting around. Dungeon Queues pop in under four minutes most of the time, so, when you want to actually play, it is […]

Very Unlucky Rock

Got this in a bag of fishing treasures.

Monsterous Eggs and Mysterious Grimoires

Evidently these are worth a bit. However, trial accounts can’t sell them.

Soloed Dark Iron Ambassador – Rare from Gnomeregen

While leveling Qicksfour on Whisperwind, we were running Gnomer when my twink senses said, check for ‘Dark Iron Ambassador’. A few /tar Dark Iron Amb later and hey, he’s there. I asked if we could kill him, and the tank said sure, but, we went in to kill Thermaplug. After we downed Thermaplug, I asked […]

Corruptsh, Worgen Warlock on Darkspear, Levels 51 through 60

More screenshots from Corruptsh leveling on Darkspear. Levels 51 through 60.

Corruptsh, Worgen Warlock on Darkspear, Levels 41 through 50

More screenshots from Corruptsh on Darkspear, levels 41 through 50

Corruptsh, Worgen Warlock on Darkspear, levels 31 through 40

More screenshots from Corruptsh from level 31 through level 40

Corruptsh, Worgen Warlock on Darkspear, Levels 21-30

More leveling screenshots for Corruptsh

Leveling a Worgen Warlock on Darkspear – corruptsh

Leveling a warlock for some PvP on Darkspear. Screenshots of Levels 2-20

Roxy – Levels 41 through 50

Roxy screenshots from level 41 through level 50

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