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Someone likes me

Brevisano, a 20 free to play character was running an instance with a few other players and evidently I did a good job healing. Thanks Shabutie and Cannoli

Some Free To Play healing screenshots

When the World of Warcraft Free to Play accounts came out, I thought, I wonder if you can effectively twink a character at 20 to compete in the 20-24 bracket. Since you’re at the bottom of the bracket, you need to stack some hit if you’re going to be DPS, but, I’ve always enjoyed being […]

A fan, and a non-fan

Once in a while in battlegrounds, people are happy with the fact that they got healed, and, sometimes, mad that they ran beyond your range to heal them, got jumped by a few people and died. Truewarrior was at Fel Reaver in Eye of the Storm, and, kept getting kited further and further from the […]

Even though we lost, Mel and I did quite a bit of healing

In this Alterac Valley, Mel and I did quite a bit of healing taking the first and third positions. While our side didn’t win, even looking at the overall healing, there were a lot of healers in this game.

Warlocks topping the healing charts in Battlegrounds

It isn’t surprising to see some healing on non-healing classes in the battleground scoreboards. Life Drain shows up for warlocks, Mend Pet shows up as healing for hunters. However, many hunters hit Mend Pet only when their pet is about to die because healing their pet takes away from their DPS. Sure, PUG battlegrounds should […]

Staying Buffed All Winter

Running with the guild BLEED, we downed Hodir. The achievement requires you to have Toasty Fire, Storm Power and Starlight buffs. This fight is very nice to have some frost resist gear. So please help your healers out, wear some frost resist gear.

Archavon the Stone Watcher

After a quick Wintergrasp battle, cdthirtyfive was invited to heal VoA 25-man. I died twice, lost the roll on the loot, but, gained the achievement. There were actually only 23 people as we had trouble finding more DPS, but, it wasn’t too difficult.

Damage Control

cdthirtyfive got back into the battlegrounds and is running with a scrub mix of gear, but, I’m able to heal quite a bit before I get killed. In this one Arathi Basin it was a complete mess. Horde left a number of flags undefended which required recapping them, but, all in all with a few […]

41k Healing in a Warsong Gulch

Bhodi hits 41k healing in a Warsong, but, I am not specced Resto. 🙂 I came into the game late and Horde was being hammered quite bad. Always love zoning into a flag room with 6 attackers. I stepped in, healed as much as I could, started to DPS and we repelled that attack, but, […]

Identical Healing in a Warsong Battleground

Vow and Bhodi both had identical healing in this battleground which I thought was worthy of a screenshot. I’m not specced as a healer, but, will heal when needed.

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