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A fan, and a non-fan
Written by cd34.

Once in a while in battlegrounds, people are happy with the fact that they got healed, and, sometimes, mad that they ran beyond your range to heal them, got jumped by a few people and died.

Truewarrior was at Fel Reaver in Eye of the Storm, and, kept getting kited further and further from the flags. I was healing inbetween trying to keep the people defending the flag alive while trying to keep him alive – even though he should have known to fight near the flag. He expressed his dismay at a repair bill.

Moymoy was in an Arathi Basin where half our team decided to just let the Horde win. He and I went to either Farm or Blacksmith, took out a few people, but, didn’t get the flag. Still, I love those clutch situations where it is two on five, and we take out four of them.

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