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Rampage to Cyclone

The 29 bracket in Rampage leaves a little to be desired. Sure there are some great twinks, but, Rampage appears to be more 80s Arena oriented. After surfing the forums on, Cyclone gave some promise as a battlegroup that appreciated 29 twinks. After a lot of thought, we figured we would roll two new […]

Wisp Engineering

During the Halloween event, Shadoh was turned into a wisp. Since I don’t play Shadoh much anymore, he still had the wisp transformation. While making a [item]4397[/item] for our transfer of items to Boulderfist/Cyclone, I noticed the animation while in wisp form actually showed the hammer.

250 quests completed

Mortenoctum was created on Cho’gall as it was the fastest way we could make a toon for twink support to transfer to Bounderfist. It took a little under 32 hours of game playtime to get from level 55 to level 68 at which we packed him full of gold and items for the transfer.

Level 60

Mortenoctum, a death knight created for transfer to Boulderfist leveled to 60 quite quickly.

Copper Node Under Warsong Hold Blimp

While working on a shaman on another realm, I noticed a mining node on my tracking but could not see the node. It appears that Blizzard put the new Blimp Tower right on top of a node spawn. The Copper was able to be mined, but, was not visible from inside or outside the tower. […]

Slave Pens

Herbskinner and Qwaitxnine decided to two-man a few instances one day and received this achievement. The way we were able to tell the bosses from the trash mobs was when we looted, if it asked whether we wanted to pick up loot that would bind to us. The bosses in these instances really aren’t tough […]

100 Honorable Kills

Gotmooh was a 29 Tauren Shaman I created on Alterac Mountains to learn the playstyle of a Shaman before twinking Bhodi. While I didn’t play a lot of battlegrounds, and didn’t have the gear that many of the other people had, I did learn quite a bit about playing a shaman while being severely undergeared. […]

Destruction Derby

Qwaitxnine and Herbskinner were in Wintergrasp when we received another achievement.

Know Thy Enemy

One day Herbskinner was in Wintergrasp and evidently killed the last player needed to get the achievement, Know Thy Enemy.

Jboogiee and Brodas ganking in ‘The Charred Vale’

When I created Bhodi, I realized that in order to get the gear I needed, I wouldn’t have a lot of playtime to learn how to effectively play a Shaman. Knowing which totems to use when, what keybindings would be helpful, etc was something I needed to know before I had all of the gear […]

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