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Shammoi’s first Honorable Kill

While leveling Shammoi on ‘The Forgotten Coast’, I was killing a few mobs for a quest when a warrior charged in and tried to kill me. It didn’t end well for him. He did rez and try again when I had a few mobs on me, but, he died again. After that, he let me […]

A fan, and a non-fan

Once in a while in battlegrounds, people are happy with the fact that they got healed, and, sometimes, mad that they ran beyond your range to heal them, got jumped by a few people and died. Truewarrior was at Fel Reaver in Eye of the Storm, and, kept getting kited further and further from the […]

Even though we lost, Mel and I did quite a bit of healing

In this Alterac Valley, Mel and I did quite a bit of healing taking the first and third positions. While our side didn’t win, even looking at the overall healing, there were a lot of healers in this game.

Idtankthat – player on another realm

While running some battlegrounds, I ran across a player in an EotS named IdTankThat from Magtheridon!

Pally healing done right

I was healing some battlegrounds and when the game was nearing the end I saw that the druid was in 1st place on healing. I wanted to out heal him but, I never saw the pally coming. Maybe the druid and I should take some healing lessons from him. Yorkrao from Illidan, your heals are […]

Omgimahealer on Spirestone Wins at PVP!

Omgimahealer, a 71 Human Priest decided to take on a 25 Warlock in quest gear and he Won! While he was specced shadow at the time, I’m guessing that Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord proved too difficult for him at which point he decided to try leveling in Ashenvale or Felwood. He’s a dodge priest […]

PvP on the PTR

World of Warcraft opened the PTR up recently and I’ve been playing a Rogue premade character on it. At first, looking for a little PVP action on the PvP PTR realm wasn’t too difficult. Walk outside Orgrimmar where dozens of people are dueling and lurking around the rocks are more Alliance rogues than you can […]

An Honorable Kill

While doing some quests in the Hinterlands, Sormodann saw me at about 70% health, 2 levels below him, and fighting another mob and decided to attack. 45 levels and my first honorable kill on Cho’gall. Horde outnumbers Alliance 4:1 on this realm if not more, so, it is always interesting when the Alliance picks a […]

Wintergrasp Communications

Today, cdthirtyfive was up near the battlemaster, no one had started a group so I fired up InviteMe and created a raid group. It filled up fairly quickly and we still had about 10 minutes until the Battle for Wintergrasp. A second group was started which filled up almost as quickly. The leader of that […]

That Takes Class

While cdthirtyfive and meathandler were trying to kill Shade in Hour of the Worg, the PvP battle continued with cdthirtyfive earning ‘That Takes Class.’ The joys of leveling up on a PvP server.

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