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Written by cd34.

Today, cdthirtyfive was up near the battlemaster, no one had started a group so I fired up InviteMe and created a raid group. It filled up fairly quickly and we still had about 10 minutes until the Battle for Wintergrasp. A second group was started which filled up almost as quickly. The leader of that raid and I decided that our group would go east, his group would go west.

That coordination won the game. I was amazed to see about 35 of our raid group all ‘within range’ according to grid when we got to the eastern workshop. We lost a few on the way over to random fights, but, as soon as we took east, we cleared out the defense that the alliance had set up and went mid. Within a few minutes, we had a few siege engines battering down the walls and towers and once we broke through the walls to the inner courtyard, short of a few alliance that were brave enough to defend against 35 horde storming in, we didn’t see much action. After the inner walls were breached, we parked 2 Siege Engines there until we took down the towers, broke through the wall and secured the relic.

Coordination easily won that game. It was one of the smoothest battles I have been in. The Alliance had 13 stacks of Tenacity and if I recall the patch notes correctly, a 4:1 imbalance receives 20 stacks. A 2:1 ratio would give them 10 stacks, so, I would say that the battle probably was 95 to roughly 60. I know we had 2 full raid groups and the third one had 15 at the end. We probably had two or three that never made it into a group and just zoned in too late to get an invite. I know we saw 20+ on our way to the east as by the time we hit the mid wall, I had completed ‘Slay them All!’. We had a mass of 35 or so Horde killing everything in our path and there’s not really any way they could have rezzed and gotten back into battle as we massed to the southeast wall.

As we hit the center courtyard, we couldn’t have seen more than 10 people inside. Either they all went east and grouped around their exit knowing they were going to lose the battle or hearthed from the gy.

I admit. Seeing a mass of 35 players coming at you and a group of 5, even when you each have 65000 hit points can be rather daunting. I don’t believe we saw more than 2 vehicles created on the Alliance side which proves that we either steamrolled them or, none were able to get enough kills to create any vehicles.

Now if we could just get our defense as organized…

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