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Akrobatik Ninja’s a Frozen Orb

Here’s a pally tank with his DPS Ret friend that were looking for a healer for Heroic Violet Hold. I joined, we found a tank druid that wanted to DPS and a death knight. During the run, our tank who bragged about having 32k hit points lost aggro many times where the tank druid in […]

Master in First Aid – Grand Master in First Aid

cdthirtyfive used up a ton of runecloth and netherweave powerleveling First Aid while searching the world for cooking recipes that were missed over time.

50 Emblems of Heroism

cdthirtyfive doesn’t run too many instances, so, it takes a while to earn the Emblems of Heroism. After running VOA-10, I looted my 50th Emblem and earned the achievement.


After running Naxx-10 last night, I noticed that all I needed was one more ring to be equipped for the Superior Achievement. Switching the ring positions or trinket positions is all it takes to earn both equipped slot bonuses, so, I swapped my rings and earned the achievement.

The Fall of Naxxaramas

cdthirtyfive was never a PvEer. With my work schedule, I rarely have time to do much more than squeeze in a quick instance like Heroic Violet Hold, run battlegrounds, or participate in the Battle for Wintergrasp. Last night, qwaitxseven and a few friends of his including Wounds, Basmastersix, Smooch, Unholybeast, Darkdestro, Uprise, Paynolympics did a […]

Horde Graveyard Camping

I am not one to condone graveyard camping. I hate it in the 29 bracket, hated it in the 70 bracket, and now that I’m in the 80 bracket, I still dislike it. Alliance have a few people that glitch Wintergrasp and it is frustrating. We’ll be into a game, a wall will be down […]

Warsong Gulch assured victory?

At the beginning of this Warsong Gulch, it was 5v2, two more people zoned in on Horde side and then Arathi Basin popped. At that point, I believe the two Alliance took the Arathi Basin queue, leaving us with a 7v0 game. While we could have at least scored a quick early point, somehow our […]

Tie Greed Roll

While running Heroic Violet Hold with qwaitxnine, luckystrikex, a mage, and I greed rolled on [item]37867[/item] and both rolled the same number. I’m sure when he rolled that 99, he thought he was almost assured of getting the item until I also rolled a 99. Luckystrikex, I apologize.

Heroic Azjol-Nerub

cdthirtyfive and qwaitxseven ran Heroic AZN today. UGH. First run we had a Feral Druid that wanted to tank, and a Tank that wanted to DPS. One wipe on Krik’thir the Gatewatcher and our warrior DPS hearthed. So, we pulled in a DPS pally that was fairly well geared but purifying poison was “the tank’s […]

25 Emblems of Heroism

A rather simple achievement to achieve, it just takes running enough Heroic instances and looting the bosses for these items. I probably would have had one more as I forgot to loot a miniboss once during a Violet Hold run.

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