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Akrobatik Ninja’s a Frozen Orb
Written by cd34.

Here’s a pally tank with his DPS Ret friend that were looking for a healer for Heroic Violet Hold. I joined, we found a tank druid that wanted to DPS and a death knight. During the run, our tank who bragged about having 32k hit points lost aggro many times where the tank druid in feral pulling 1800dps was able to pull aggro along with the dps pally.

At the end of the run, when Cynigosa does its aggro wipe, our ‘tank’ doesn’t even try to pull aggro resulting in Cynigosa nailing me as soon as I cast the first heal. I figured after the first blast that I healed myself, hit Circle of Healing, got hit again with aggro since the tank wasn’t holding threat and subsequently died. Our druid rezzed me, we all looted and our tank didn’t roll on the orb until everyone had hit greed, then, announced he needed it for his JC.

I am surprised with his 210 Jewelcrafting that there is anything he can do that requires a Frozen Orb.


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