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Leveling a Druid from 73 to 80 in one weekend

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun. A Resto druid with nothing but the TBC end-game epics needed to get from 70 to 80. Without any feral gear, it was going to be tough. Stuck in Grizzly Hills with no other gear at mid-73 left a quandary. After 3.1, talent points were reset, so, what […]

Herbskinner’s Talent Build

Herbskinner has always been a Beast Mastery Hunter since day one. Beastial Wrath was nice in PVP against warlocks and priests, but, I noticed a real hit with my DPS when 3.0.8 hit. Upon reading the forums, it was plainly obvious (and admitted by Blizzard) that BM hunters were nerfed considerably. I knew about the […]