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Herbskinner’s Talent Build
Written by cd34.

Herbskinner has always been a Beast Mastery Hunter since day one. Beastial Wrath was nice in PVP against warlocks and priests, but, I noticed a real hit with my DPS when 3.0.8 hit. Upon reading the forums, it was plainly obvious (and admitted by Blizzard) that BM hunters were nerfed considerably. I knew about the upcoming nerf, but, didn’t really expect the hit to be as dramatic.

I’ll miss my old Beast Mastery build.

I paid my 1G to respec and came up with this Survival/Hybrid 12/8/51 build

What ended up happening is a rather dramatic increase in attack power, damage, at the cost of some attack speed. Granted my gear is quest greens/blues, in some quick testing against the test dummies, I can see some real promise.

Its possible I’ll respec a few times to come up with a build that gives me good solo viability, but, I figured I would try this one for a few days.

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