Drunken Haze

While battling the Ogres in Bloodmaul, they have an attack effect called ‘Drunken Haze’. While I had never seen the effect on any of my prior toons, I believe the recent ‘video option’ reset in the recent patch probably enabled the effect. When it happened, I was a little surprised.

An Honorable Kill

While doing some quests in the Hinterlands, Sormodann saw me at about 70% health, 2 levels below him, and fighting another mob and decided to attack. 45 levels and my first honorable kill on Cho’gall. Horde outnumbers Alliance 4:1 on this realm if not more, so, it is always interesting when the Alliance picks a […]


Qwaitxten, a new twink shammy and Herbskinner were running through Gnomeregen for drops.

Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich

While farming SM Library for qwaitxten, a new twink shammy, I equipped my fist weapons on the first pull to get the scarlet key. When pulling a level 20 through SM Lib, having an axe with a 3.10 swing time just isn’t going to pull a mob off quickly. However, my dagger/axe set is a […]