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World of Warcraft adds Farms!

The mac has some interesting terrain issues from time to time no matter what the settings, but, when running through STV on the PTR, the road was impossible to find and was covered with farmland. A new skill? I didn’t see it in the talent tree. Perhaps I should find a trainer to see where […]

Staying Buffed All Winter

Running with the guild BLEED, we downed Hodir. The achievement requires you to have Toasty Fire, Storm Power and Starlight buffs. This fight is very nice to have some frost resist gear. So please help your healers out, wear some frost resist gear.

Stormwind Mailbox Glitches

On the PTR, the capital cities have new mailboxes, however, most have incorrect names like Doodad_humanmailbox15 or Doodad_humanmailbox16. Unlike the Barber Chairs that are faction specific, the mailboxes are not Faction Specific so, while raiding Stormwind or Ironforge, you can stop to check your Auction House mail.

PvP on the PTR

World of Warcraft opened the PTR up recently and I’ve been playing a Rogue premade character on it. At first, looking for a little PVP action on the PvP PTR realm wasn’t too difficult. Walk outside Orgrimmar where dozens of people are dueling and lurking around the rocks are more Alliance rogues than you can […]