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Getshanked Ambush at Level 23

Getshanked is a Blood Elf Rogue that joined our guild to run battlegrounds in the 20-29 bracket. While leveling in Ashenvale, I decided to see what sort of ambush he would get prior to his weapons. Granted, its only a 364, but, with rather bad main hand weapon, [item]5279[/item] and not having filled in ambush, […]

Ambush Crit after a Respec

After a respec, and before getting my final blades and enchants, I wanted to test an ambush on a very surprised shammy.  778 wasn’t too bad.

812 Ambush on a Stealth Kitty while Playing D at Blacksmith

812 ambush on a stealth kitty Playing D at Blacksmith in Arathi Basin, and I hit an 812 Ambush on a stealth kitty.  [item]Catseye Ultra Goggles[/item] for the win.