Damage Control

Qwaitxtwo, a fresh 80 warlock respecced Affliction to run a few battlegrounds, and, it is extremely easy to get the big numbers On the second or third AV, Horde took Snowfall Graveyard which results in a battle of reinforcements. Since the Alliance were stuck at the bridge chokepoint, it is just a matter of which […]

Rampage to Cyclone

The 29 bracket in Rampage leaves a little to be desired. Sure there are some great twinks, but, Rampage appears to be more 80s Arena oriented. After surfing the forums on, Cyclone gave some promise as a battlegroup that appreciated 29 twinks. After a lot of thought, we figured we would roll two new […]

Horde really healed this one up

Usually, I’m a breakout healer. There will be a few top players that hit the top healing, and then the gap between the first few and the next group will be substantial. Many times, we’re talking multiples between 4th and 5th place. Nothing wrong with that, but, it just shows that some people that are […]