100 Honorable Kills

Gotmooh was a 29 Tauren Shaman I created on Alterac Mountains to learn the playstyle of a Shaman before twinking Bhodi. While I didn’t play a lot of battlegrounds, and didn’t have the gear that many of the other people had, I did learn quite a bit about playing a shaman while being severely undergeared. […]

Jboogiee and Brodas ganking in ‘The Charred Vale’

When I created Bhodi, I realized that in order to get the gear I needed, I wouldn’t have a lot of playtime to learn how to effectively play a Shaman. Knowing which totems to use when, what keybindings would be helpful, etc was something I needed to know before I had all of the gear […]

Llak, 37 Human Warrior tries to gank a lowbie

While questing in Thousand Needles and raising my mining, both of us arrived at an Iron node at roughly the same time. I had just finished mining it as he stood and stared at me, I waved, he then changed to battle stance telling me that there was an impending charge about to occur. I […]