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Llak, 37 Human Warrior tries to gank a lowbie
Written by cd34.

While questing in Thousand Needles and raising my mining, both of us arrived at an Iron node at roughly the same time. I had just finished mining it as he stood and stared at me, I waved, he then changed to battle stance telling me that there was an impending charge about to occur. I figured, well, I’m dead, but, I’ll put up the good fight since I was a 24 at the time and couldn’t see his level, it wasn’t until I pulled up the armory after the screenshot that I found out what level he was.

So, he charges, I drop a Stoneclaw totem and an Earthbind totem, cast Instant Ghost Wolf to get a little distance, turn around and see him attack the Stoneclaw totem (yes, he got stunned). I pulled away a little and he decided to pursue. He aggroed the quest giver at Whitereach Post, killed him without much difficulty as I spun around and healed Kanati Greyclound (another questgiver NPC) and tossed a few Lightning Bolts and a Frost Shock in there for good measure and watched him drop. I guess he took offense to this as he called in Oxian a 44 Dranei Hunter to ambush me when I came back to return the quest. It just happened that a 70 rogue from our side was escorting one of his guildies through to Feralas when he saw me die and he decided to kill Oxian a few times.

I ran into Llak one more time in Thousand Needles and again, he tried to gank me. I ended up kiting him around through some mobs and he died again. His third attempt resulted in me running.

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