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Calyeth, level 90, decides to continually gank a level 42 monk

Calyeth from Bleeding Hollow decided to make it a mission to kill me several times while I was questing in Ferelas, to the point where I moved to Thousand Needles to and I was followed there and killed a few times – once, immediately after rezzing. The Guild name was classic, ‘Yo Girl Loves My […]

Cindershock, a level 90 Shaman from Stormreaver can’t one-shot a level 41 monk

Cho’gall has been relatively devoid of an Alliance presence for a while. So much so that as a Horde questing, it is rare to see any alliance toons. With the cross-realm areas, we have seen more Alliance, but, typically we still get the ones that can’t Cindershock, a recent level 90 Shaman, obviously questing in […]

Collection of Gank screenshots

These guys have all demonstrated their ability to kill players 20+ levels below them. The thought of actually killing someone that might be similarly geared scares them, so, they have to attack players that have little chance of killing them. Most of these weren’t even one-shots… unlucky random number generator? lag? Wasn’t in PvP gear? […]

Boethia ganks… barely

While leveling a priest on the Alliance side of Cho’gall, I was ganked by many different players. This one was particularly bad since I actually timed how long it took for an 80 Shaman to kill me while I was questing. He actively looked for me after the first kill since I moved to a […]

Hopskip ganks and camps

It is always impressive when someone that is epic geared is able to kill someone that is 40-45 levels below. My guess is that they are PVE geared and can’t PVP, so, they take on targets that they know they can kill. I believe he was going for the Insane title, but, he actually had […]

Omgimahealer on Spirestone Wins at PVP!

Omgimahealer, a 71 Human Priest decided to take on a 25 Warlock in quest gear and he Won! While he was specced shadow at the time, I’m guessing that Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord proved too difficult for him at which point he decided to try leveling in Ashenvale or Felwood. He’s a dodge priest […]

That Takes Class

While cdthirtyfive and meathandler were trying to kill Shade in Hour of the Worg, the PvP battle continued with cdthirtyfive earning ‘That Takes Class.’ The joys of leveling up on a PvP server.

Know thy Enemy

While cdthirtyfive was doing Hour of the Worg, a gnome rogue ganked me right after a druid and I had killed Selas. After a quick corpse walk, he killed Meathandler, the 79 druid I was questing with. Turns out, he and an 80 lock were escorting a 75 warrior through the quest. We ignored him […]

Make Love Not Warcraft

Both Herbskinner and cdthirtyfive earned this achievement within a day of each other and both by accident. Herbskinner and Qwaitxnine were in Borean Tundra responding to a Rogue/Pally that were ganking in the Coldrock Quarry. Dkhealer didn’t appear to be questing at the time and appeared to mostly be a pocket healer for Istabu. After […]

Jboogiee and Brodas ganking in ‘The Charred Vale’

When I created Bhodi, I realized that in order to get the gear I needed, I wouldn’t have a lot of playtime to learn how to effectively play a Shaman. Knowing which totems to use when, what keybindings would be helpful, etc was something I needed to know before I had all of the gear […]

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