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Know thy Enemy
Written by cd34.

While cdthirtyfive was doing Hour of the Worg, a gnome rogue ganked me right after a druid and I had killed Selas. After a quick corpse walk, he killed Meathandler, the 79 druid I was questing with. Turns out, he and an 80 lock were escorting a 75 warrior through the quest. We ignored him and went on to kill Varlam which is where they had come down from, and, the gnome kills me, then the druid again. At this point, during the corpse walk back, I’m out for revenge. They’re fighting Goremaw, I dot each of them up and kill the warrior and the druid got the lock, but, again, the rogue with less than 100hp is able to kill the druid and I forcing yet another corpse walk.

Since we know where they are headed, its a race back to see if we can disrupt them as they try to take out Shade of Arugal. They clear the mobs around the boss, my rez timer was almost up, they attack the boss, I run in, fear bomb, dot each of them, watch the lock and warrior die, the rogue sprinted down and killed me again. This went on for at least 3-4 more attempts of theirs on Shade. Around this time, a mage and priest join our party and its an all out war with both sides preventing the other from completing the quest.

In the end, my quest reward was [item]39170[/item] which was vendored as I was wearing green shoulders I had received while questing in Zul’drak which had better stats. But, after turning in a few quests, it was off to Storm Peaks to begin the 77-80 grind.


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