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Some Free To Play healing screenshots

When the World of Warcraft Free to Play accounts came out, I thought, I wonder if you can effectively twink a character at 20 to compete in the 20-24 bracket. Since you’re at the bottom of the bracket, you need to stack some hit if you’re going to be DPS, but, I’ve always enjoyed being […]

Warsong Gulch starting area glitch

When playing Warsong Gulch, I saw someone drink Rumsey Rum Dark and didn’t recognize the player name. It appears that when you’re in the flag room during the start, not only can you target the opposing faction, but, any drink buff they get is shown as if they are right next to you. Here we […]

Tekkno resting in Wintergrasp

One of the most vocal people that will tell you just how good he is, always travels with a rogue on his Tundra mammoth, but, just sits near combat gaining honor. For a while, he had created an alt that talked in trade chat about how good he was – until someone with his real-id […]

Wintergrasp Book

One time I was talking with someone regarding the Alliance’s win/loss record for Wintergrasp on Cho’gall and grabbed a screenshot of the book that is kept in the keep. Even with Tenacity, we can rarely defend as the battle’s used to be 120+ versus 10-15.

Pally healing done right

I was healing some battlegrounds and when the game was nearing the end I saw that the druid was in 1st place on healing. I wanted to out heal him but, I never saw the pally coming. Maybe the druid and I should take some healing lessons from him. Yorkrao from Illidan, your heals are […]

Damage Control

Qwaitxtwo, a fresh 80 warlock respecced Affliction to run a few battlegrounds, and, it is extremely easy to get the big numbers On the second or third AV, Horde took Snowfall Graveyard which results in a battle of reinforcements. Since the Alliance were stuck at the bridge chokepoint, it is just a matter of which […]

Horde Dominates HKs but lacks defense

We had this game from the start, but, Horde got lazy. Alliance fought as a group, defended the nodes they took (Horde never does this), and beat us by playing smart. They didn’t have to top the HK charts to win, they held three bases and sent small 3 person groups to attack the nodes […]

99 HKs on Defense

With the new Honorable Defender bonus, you get 50% more honor from your kills than you do when you are attacking. I’m not sure why Blizzard did this, but, as someone that usually defends, it is a welcome change. It doesn’t mean people will defend, and more than one time we’ve lost a base because […]

Warlocks topping the healing charts in Battlegrounds

It isn’t surprising to see some healing on non-healing classes in the battleground scoreboards. Life Drain shows up for warlocks, Mend Pet shows up as healing for hunters. However, many hunters hit Mend Pet only when their pet is about to die because healing their pet takes away from their DPS. Sure, PUG battlegrounds should […]

Bendovr from Dragonmaw exploiting the Stable Roof

Bendovr, a Night Elf Druid from Dragonmaw got on top of the roof at stables. It takes a little creative work to kill players that get up there, but, they usually do quite a bit of damage before they are killed.

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