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Relicc from Eldre’Thalas exploiting Stable

Relicc, a gnome mage from Eldre’Thalas got on top of the roof at stables to try and kill people. Luckily, a few drain manas and a well timed dot while he tried to evocate and he died pretty quickly. It appears that they can be mounted and hit the little shed on the graveyard side […]

Darthviolent exploits the Stable Roof

Darthviolent from Shadowsong exploited the roof of the Stables in Arathi Basin. Perhaps he forgot he was a warrior and not a caster as we all just dotted him and killed him with ease. Remember, if you’re going to exploit, at least be of a class that can do something from up there.

Interesting Battleground Glitch with Warlock and Pet

While questing in STV, I decided to try a few battlegrounds, so, I hit H, queued up for Warsong and Arathi and was about to turn in a quest when Arathi popped. I was mounted, accepted the port to the battleground, played Arathi, and when I left the battleground, I returned to STV mounted, but, […]

Horde Graveyard Camping

I am not one to condone graveyard camping. I hate it in the 29 bracket, hated it in the 70 bracket, and now that I’m in the 80 bracket, I still dislike it. Alliance have a few people that glitch Wintergrasp and it is frustrating. We’ll be into a game, a wall will be down […]

Warsong Gulch assured victory?

At the beginning of this Warsong Gulch, it was 5v2, two more people zoned in on Horde side and then Arathi Basin popped. At that point, I believe the two Alliance took the Arathi Basin queue, leaving us with a 7v0 game. While we could have at least scored a quick early point, somehow our […]

100 Stone Keeper’s Shards

I run a lot of Wintergrasp — usually forming the raid. I don’t do too many instances, so, getting 100 Stone Keeper’s Shards took me a bit longer than people that run instances. When turning in ‘Stop the Siege’, a quest in Wintergrasp, I hit the 100 mark.

Everything Counts

Win Alterac Valley while controlling both mines and you earn this achievement. Qwaitxseven, normally a shadow priest, respecced Disc to try out a few battlegrounds to see if healing was in his blood. With Dual Specs coming soon, cdthirtyfive might become Holy/Disc for PVE, and Disc/Holy for PVP. Qwaitxseven will probably go Shadow and Disc […]

Another Wintergrasp, another glitched win for the Alliance

Horde on Cho’gall defends poorly. Out of perhaps 30 games where we have defended, I can think of only a handful where we have successfully defended. Once an outer wall is breached, because the glitch exists, more people need to fall back to prevent vehicles from coming in. The guns need to be manned and […]

More Alliance Glitching in Lake Wintergrasp on Cho’gall

A few names consistently show up with glitchers. In the first picture, you can clearly see Barlar’s demolisher is laying on its side going through the door. The second shot shows the resulting map after Horde lost control. Note that only the exterior walls are down and the interior walls have not been touched. The […]

Wintergrasp Communications

Today, cdthirtyfive was up near the battlemaster, no one had started a group so I fired up InviteMe and created a raid group. It filled up fairly quickly and we still had about 10 minutes until the Battle for Wintergrasp. A second group was started which filled up almost as quickly. The leader of that […]

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