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Another Wintergrasp, another glitched win for the Alliance
Written by cd34.

Horde on Cho’gall defends poorly. Out of perhaps 30 games where we have defended, I can think of only a handful where we have successfully defended.

Once an outer wall is breached, because the glitch exists, more people need to fall back to prevent vehicles from coming in. The guns need to be manned and defended and every vehicle that makes it into the outer courtyard needs to be destroyed. Once they get into the inner courtyard, the Demolishers can fire off shots while being destroyed, but, still hit the inner door exposing the relic. Because the opposing faction resurrects near the Workshop, they are able to almost immediately bring in another vehicle. The stream of Demolishers coming in gets to the point where even though only one or two shots make it to the door, enough damage gets done that they do eventually break down the wall.

If you couldn’t send Demolishers through the wall, defending Wintergrasp would be much easier. The Alliance on Cho’gall have destroyed the inner courtyard walls a number of times, but, usually after they have sent 10-15 Demolishers through and still haven’t knocked down the relic wall.

Since so many of them are getting good at glitching the walls, they aren’t even taking the time to do much more than build a few siege engines from one side or the other, then, they just have a constant stream of demolishers sent on the way.


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