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Almost 300k healing in an AB

My main is a Holy Priest that was originally going to be a PVE healer, but, due to changes in my work schedule, I ended up becoming a battle healer. I use Grid which makes it easy to heal in situations where you cannot control the raid group layout. For AB, I usually run support […]

Over 500k healing in an AV even though I came in late

I remember this game. I had a few minutes after lunch and decided to run an AV which was our daily on Cho’gall. As soon as I entered the game, we were already down by 200 resources so I headed to our base to delay the inevitable as our team punched forward. Sometimes, Horde can […]

Topping the healing charts in AB

Arathi Basin is probably my favorite battleground for the 20-29 bracket, 30-39 and 70. I didn’t play it frequently in the 49 bracket, but, I do recall not linking it or the 59 bracket. As a Battlehealer, I sure don’t dish out the damage, but, I try to keep my damage dealers alive. I was […]

Topped healing in Alterac Valley by over 200k

Another AV where I topped 500k in healing. On this one, Alliance left a pocket of defenders just below Vann to disrupt our attack. They took back the Aid Station (why doesn’t Horde defend that ever?) forcing us to respawn at the SPGY. Didn’t matter, we still won, but, we could have done it a […]

The priests are a Healin’ in AV

I play a few pug AVs as a battle healer and usually its quite a mix of healers that hit the top of the charts.  Shammy’s have quite heavy heals and are typically near the very top.  I’ve seen Druid’s that have come very close to the top, but, it is very rare to see […]

The surest way to top the healing charts as Horde in AV

Horde hates long games. They want to get in, farm their honor and marks, and get out. One of the surest ways to screw up their fast game, and send healers on their way to setting healing records, is to take Snowfall Graveyard. What this does is create a real problem if Horde is defending […]

Horde really healed this one up

Usually, I’m a breakout healer. There will be a few top players that hit the top healing, and then the gap between the first few and the next group will be substantial. Many times, we’re talking multiples between 4th and 5th place. Nothing wrong with that, but, it just shows that some people that are […]

My hat’s off to Stormagus on Gorgonnash

Normally when I run any battleground, as a Holy PVP Battlehealer, I come close to the top of the charts in healing. Most of the time I’ll run near the front lines, keeping people alive as long as possible for a relatively smooth win. 99% of the time, I run PUGs because I don’t want […]

An AV Reinforcement Battle gone bad

The top three healers in this game were myself, Osprey from Gul’dan and Stillwaters from Alleria. The third healer did over twice as much as 4th place. Again, the Alliance seem to have the edge on the total healing in the top five spots, and the Alliance did win this one. As a Holy battlehealer, […]

Battlehealer on the Loose!

AV is usually quite fast paced for Horde on our Battlegroup. Horde somehow gets it together and while we rarely have enough D to slow the Alliance, but, we kill Bal, take SHGY, SPGY, our stealthers are already working on the bunkers then we take the aid station, and it’s all in for Vann. This […]

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