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Almost 300k healing in an AB
Written by cd34.

My main is a Holy Priest that was originally going to be a PVE healer, but, due to changes in my work schedule, I ended up becoming a battle healer. I use Grid which makes it easy to heal in situations where you cannot control the raid group layout. For AB, I usually run support on the front lines whereever we are attacking. Horde somehow at 70 still doesn’t understand that defending and holding three nodes while attacking the other two with smaller forces equals a win and they often times do the all out zerg, leaving Farm undefended because they are too good to D.

Once in a while you get into a relatively good group that is there to win, and will listen and communicate which is the key. Calling out Incs – in the 70 bracket, its very easy to get somewhere to react to an incoming. In the 29 bracket, if you’re at mine, and the inc is LM, getting people from BS to move to LM and from Mine to move to BS is hard to coordinate in a Pug. However, in this AB, we did pretty well. I tried to be where I could do the most good and I think I ended up paired with udderpwnage and we rolled down, took Mine and defended.

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