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Pally healing done right

I was healing some battlegrounds and when the game was nearing the end I saw that the druid was in 1st place on healing. I wanted to out heal him but, I never saw the pally coming. Maybe the druid and I should take some healing lessons from him. Yorkrao from Illidan, your heals are […]

Damage Control

Qwaitxtwo, a fresh 80 warlock respecced Affliction to run a few battlegrounds, and, it is extremely easy to get the big numbers On the second or third AV, Horde took Snowfall Graveyard which results in a battle of reinforcements. Since the Alliance were stuck at the bridge chokepoint, it is just a matter of which […]

Everything Counts

Win Alterac Valley while controlling both mines and you earn this achievement. Qwaitxseven, normally a shadow priest, respecced Disc to try out a few battlegrounds to see if healing was in his blood. With Dual Specs coming soon, cdthirtyfive might become Holy/Disc for PVE, and Disc/Holy for PVP. Qwaitxseven will probably go Shadow and Disc […]

Frostwolf Perfection

cdthirtyfive loves AV, or used to. AV at 80 and the changes that WotLK brought has really changed the game. Van can be tanked with 2-3 adds which significantly changes the game. It used to be that you had to wait for the towers and bunkers to go down. Now, with 2-3 guards at his […]

Over 500k healing in an AV even though I came in late

I remember this game. I had a few minutes after lunch and decided to run an AV which was our daily on Cho’gall. As soon as I entered the game, we were already down by 200 resources so I headed to our base to delay the inevitable as our team punched forward. Sometimes, Horde can […]

Topped healing in Alterac Valley by over 200k

Another AV where I topped 500k in healing. On this one, Alliance left a pocket of defenders just below Vann to disrupt our attack. They took back the Aid Station (why doesn’t Horde defend that ever?) forcing us to respawn at the SPGY. Didn’t matter, we still won, but, we could have done it a […]

The priests are a Healin’ in AV

I play a few pug AVs as a battle healer and usually its quite a mix of healers that hit the top of the charts.  Shammy’s have quite heavy heals and are typically near the very top.  I’ve seen Druid’s that have come very close to the top, but, it is very rare to see […]

The surest way to top the healing charts as Horde in AV

Horde hates long games. They want to get in, farm their honor and marks, and get out. One of the surest ways to screw up their fast game, and send healers on their way to setting healing records, is to take Snowfall Graveyard. What this does is create a real problem if Horde is defending […]

Horde really healed this one up

Usually, I’m a breakout healer. There will be a few top players that hit the top healing, and then the gap between the first few and the next group will be substantial. Many times, we’re talking multiples between 4th and 5th place. Nothing wrong with that, but, it just shows that some people that are […]

My hat’s off to Stormagus on Gorgonnash

Normally when I run any battleground, as a Holy PVP Battlehealer, I come close to the top of the charts in healing. Most of the time I’ll run near the front lines, keeping people alive as long as possible for a relatively smooth win. 99% of the time, I run PUGs because I don’t want […]

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