Primitive Owlbeast Glitch

While Herbskinner was helping Qwaitxfour quest in the Hinterlands, we came across a Primitive Owlbeast in the water. Unlike most glitched mobs that evade when you shoot them, this one actually had the swimming animation, but, did evade when we tried to shoot it and even got into melee range. Owlbeasts can swim…. who knew?


Herbskinner escorted Qwaitxfour on a number of quests that took him into ZF. It was a pretty quick run, all five quests were completed and we killed the final boss for the achievement.

Deadliest Catch

Not to let Old Ironjaw slow down Herbskinner, Qwaitxseven and Herbskinner decided to try out ZG again after being a bit more geared than the last time Qwaitxnine (a death knight) and Herbskinner tried farming ZG rep. While we were a little surprised that once the lure was baited, the boss was immediately summoned, after […]

Old Ironjaw

This isn’t required for the ‘Salty’ title, but, I figured, why not get it while I was in the alliance town. After getting ‘The Fishing Diplomat‘, the first trick was getting into Ironforge. I went to the western ramp out of the lake under the bridge and mounted up near the Alliance Shaman Trainer. From […]

The Fishing Diplomat

Herbskinner decided to do a little fishing. I flew into Grom’gol, ran straight through Stranglethorn Vale up to Stormwind. At that point, I debated which way to go. I stayed mounted, ran through the guards and dropped off the left hand side of the bridge and swam under to the right hand side and into […]

Make Love Not Warcraft

Both Herbskinner and cdthirtyfive earned this achievement within a day of each other and both by accident. Herbskinner and Qwaitxnine were in Borean Tundra responding to a Rogue/Pally that were ganking in the Coldrock Quarry. Dkhealer didn’t appear to be questing at the time and appeared to mostly be a pocket healer for Istabu. After […]

Herbskinner’s Talent Build

Herbskinner has always been a Beast Mastery Hunter since day one. Beastial Wrath was nice in PVP against warlocks and priests, but, I noticed a real hit with my DPS when 3.0.8 hit. Upon reading the forums, it was plainly obvious (and admitted by Blizzard) that BM hunters were nerfed considerably. I knew about the […]

Our Daily Bread

Herbskinner, Cdthirtyfive and Qwaitxseven finally got the last daily cooking quest to complete the ones for Our Daily Bread. Cdthirtyfive is sitting at 447 cooking. So far [item]42998[/item] is the least expensive cooking recipe that is still green in the 440s. I have been making [item]43478[/item] but they are quite expensive in terms of mats.

Master of Arms

While helping Qwaitxseven level in The Storm Peaks, a pull of a few mobs resulted in me meleeing one which resulted in the last point needed to raise two handed axes to 400, resulting in my fourth weapon skill being 400. My bow skill was easily raised to 400 as I prefer to use a […]

The Empire of Zul’Drak

While doing the Amphitheater of Anguish, Herbskinner completed his 100th quest in Zul’Drak.

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