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Raptor Stun Glitch

While working on Qwaitxfive’s skinning, he was charged by a Raptor which stunned him. The animation on my machine left him in the stunned position as he slid along the ground. Until he went out of range and came back, his animation was stuck for a number of kills which was quite funny. This was […]

Launcher updated again, 3.0.2 soon?

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The Launcher “and its related tools” have gotten another upgrade today, even though the realms haven’t come up yet, which tells us that the Background Downloader probably has more work to do, which itself means that we probably won’t see 3.0.2 today. Not really a surprise — it’s early by anyone’s predictions for sure — but the Downloader has had a full patch out for a while, so the update is primed and almost ready.

Today’s downtime is all about hardware upgrades, apparently, so Blizzard is definitely gearing up for Wrath. We saw lots of hardware upgrades in the months before the Burning Crusade launch (people who were playing back then will remember all of the horrible queues and population issues before servers got expanded), and while Wrath probably won’t be as big a jump, Blizzard is still getting ready.

Which just leaves the question of when we’ll see patch 3.0.2. Considering the BC content patch came just about a month before release, we’re still looking for it in mid-October (likely after all the ruckus of BlizzCon has died down).

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Twink Item Drop Rates

What does it take to farm [item]7682[/item], [item]34227[/item], [item]6681[/item], the [item]3078[/item], the [item]6688[/item], the [item]9492[/item] and the [item]9449[/item]. Shaman: * 27 runs for Torturing Poker, have not obtained Deadman’s hand after 8 runs. * 24 instance resets, 5 runs for Whisperwind Headdress Druid: * 15 instance resets, 3 runs for Whisperwind Headdress * 22 runs […]

Leveling a Twink

Short of questing all the way to 19 or 29, after making several twinks and helping friends make twinks, unless you need particular gear from a quest, boosting through an instance is the quickest way to level a twink. While I enjoy the questlines and gameplay, in terms of actual time spent, once you can […]

Getshanked Ambush at Level 23

Getshanked is a Blood Elf Rogue that joined our guild to run battlegrounds in the 20-29 bracket. While leveling in Ashenvale, I decided to see what sort of ambush he would get prior to his weapons. Granted, its only a 364, but, with rather bad main hand weapon, [item]5279[/item] and not having filled in ambush, […]

Ask a Beta Tester: Multi-passenger mounts and Enchanting

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Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester, where we answer your questions about the Wrath of the Lich King beta! We had quite a few questions regarding the multi-passenger mounts coming in Wrath, so we’ll mostly focus on those. That’s not all we have today, but most of it. Our first question is from JPN

What does the tooltip mean for the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth where it says it carries vendors?

It means just that! It comes with two vendors. One sells reagents (including poisons) and the other sell trade supplies, like thread and parchment. The trade supplies vendor also sells some statless fashion clothing.

If you’re not using the vendors and want to let your buddies hop on, there will be an Eject button to throw the vendors off and make room for your friends. And yes, only people in your party or raid can get on your vehicles. No random strangers will be jumping on your mammoth or motorcycle.

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Ogrimmar Wind Rider Glitch

While leveling an alt the other day, I landed at the Wind Rider in Ogrimmar and saw a guy still mounted on the wind rider walking around.

Making Gold in World of Warcraft for low level toons

If you have a 70, farming items for income is quite easy and quite boring. Doing the 25 dailies a day will result in about 250g a day. On our realm, Primal Airs and Primal Fires sell for quite a bit, so, they are heavily farmed. But, you will always find players that will need […]

Netherdrake bug at Netherwing Ledge

Once in a while World of Warcraft will get the animation wrong for another player and sometimes you get some strange results seen by multiple people like the taxi windrider staying on your player as you walk around Thunder Bluff, or once in a while, your riding mount doesn’t show up when you mount, yet, […]

Llak, 37 Human Warrior tries to gank a lowbie

While questing in Thousand Needles and raising my mining, both of us arrived at an Iron node at roughly the same time. I had just finished mining it as he stood and stared at me, I waved, he then changed to battle stance telling me that there was an impending charge about to occur. I […]

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