Tekkno resting in Wintergrasp

One of the most vocal people that will tell you just how good he is, always travels with a rogue on his Tundra mammoth, but, just sits near combat gaining honor. For a while, he had created an alt that talked in trade chat about how good he was – until someone with his real-id […]

A fan, and a non-fan

Once in a while in battlegrounds, people are happy with the fact that they got healed, and, sometimes, mad that they ran beyond your range to heal them, got jumped by a few people and died. Truewarrior was at Fel Reaver in Eye of the Storm, and, kept getting kited further and further from the […]

Even though we lost, Mel and I did quite a bit of healing

In this Alterac Valley, Mel and I did quite a bit of healing taking the first and third positions. While our side didn’t win, even looking at the overall healing, there were a lot of healers in this game.

Alliance Gunship

Before Cataclysm, I was invited into a guild run to heal Gunship. Since we had never seen it from the Alliance side, I took two pictures.

Goblin Barbecue

One of the things about being an engineer is that you really get some cool items, but, rarely are they beneficial to more than yourself. In this case, Blizzard added the Goblin Barbecue which is fairly inexpensive to make, and, provides a decent buff if you haven’t gotten any of the raid feasts through your […]

220172 Armor – what?

I logged off prior to Cataclysm and reactivated my account recently. When I logged in, I still had the old Inner Fire buff up which appears to have had problems properly scaling to the new Inner Fire.

Boethia ganks… barely

While leveling a priest on the Alliance side of Cho’gall, I was ganked by many different players. This one was particularly bad since I actually timed how long it took for an 80 Shaman to kill me while I was questing. He actively looked for me after the first kill since I moved to a […]