Damage Control

Qwaitxtwo, a fresh 80 warlock respecced Affliction to run a few battlegrounds, and, it is extremely easy to get the big numbers On the second or third AV, Horde took Snowfall Graveyard which results in a battle of reinforcements. Since the Alliance were stuck at the bridge chokepoint, it is just a matter of which […]

Bleeko, a level 30 Druid in Arathi Basin in the 20-29 bracket

While its not impossible for a 30 to be in a battleground, this druid had the time to get travelform, but, I don’t believe he was a twink as he only had 1300 hit points and died rather quickly. Still, the coordination required and the fact he did have his mount, training, and had hit […]

Resilient Victory

We started 5 players down at the beginning of the match, and, with a number of turnovers we actually did stage a comeback. Usually in our battlegroup its a challenge to get enough teamwork to pull off a win, but, with this game we had enough turnovers and with a bit of luck, actually earned […]

Arathi Basin Upset Victory

A lot of times on Rampage, we’ll get into an AB and the odds will be stacked against us. For some reason, it is very common for us to start being 6-8 players down. Maybe Alliance clicks that ‘Join Battle’ button quicker than Horde — I don’t know, but, very often we start with a […]