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Disgusting Oozeling drops in Silithis

While questing in Silithis on a Monk, one of the Ooze covered bags contained the Disgusting Oozeling.

Easter Egg References

While collecting eggs for the Noble title, I noticed a reference to Pink Floyd and a funny dialog:

Brevisano Statistics

While looking through the Blizzard Statistics page for Brevisano, I noticed a few odd things. Max Heal Received and Max Heal Cast – even with 202 spellpower, he’s a monster: And my Warsong wins – 14 played, 12 wins.

Occupy Moonbrook!

While doing some quests in Westfall, I remembered the quests in Moonbrook and took a few snapshots. Occupy Moonbrook!

Duplicate Need Rolls

While running an instance, two players rolled duplicate need rolls.

All blue, one pink (Grid class colors)

While leveling up Corruptsh with Merende, one of the instances had all ‘blue’ classes with a ‘pink’ tank.

Lord Cobrahn Wall Climbs, and, Multiboxer Trial accounts

While running a few Wailing Caverns, I grabbed these two screenshots. The first is Lord Cobrahn who backed up slightly and went up the wall. The second is a picture of two druids that were multiboxing. I talked with the guy for a few minutes, he was trying it out and said it worked pretty […]

Mr Pinchy

While leveling Fishing and Cooking on Brevisano, I caught Mr. Pinchy after a few dozen casts.

Schrödinger’s Cat and Teddy Bear

Schrödinger’s cat – clearly alive, and, Teddy, a bear tank.

Wailing Caverns mob death

While running Wailing Caverns, one of the Druids of the Fang died an interesting death.

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